Memorable Images of 2019

Perkins goal ball squad cheering pre-game

Feb. 14th | The Perkins goalball team cheers before an exhibition pre-season game. All players wear eye masks so all participants are on even footing.

December 30, 2019

Every year brings us moments that stay with us. Here’s a sampling of the moments from 2019: from preschoolers who are deafblind working with adaptive technology specialists to aerial views of the Perkins’ campus  at sunset. It’s been thrilling to witness the magic between our faculty and students and the wide reach of Perkins’ international community.

Shelby navigating with her finger on a touch screen

Interactive touch screen

Jan. 25th | Shelby, a preschooler in the deafblind program, uses an interactive touch screen while teacher, Wendy Buckley, instructs.

Perkins goalball players puts their arms up together for a cheer

All hands in

Feb. 14th | The Perkins goalball team cheers before an exhibition pre-season game. All players wear eye masks so all  participants are on even footing.

A teacher assisting a student on their laptop

Resume writing workshop

Feb. 19th | As part of the week-long Pre Employment Program offered by Perkins Outreach, young adults who are blind or visually impaired learn job hunting and career skills.

A goalball player in motion to throw their ball

Taking a shot

Mar. 15th | A player on Florida School for the Blind's goalball team throws a ball at the opposing team during the Eastern Athletic Association of the Blind goalball tournament hosted at Perkins.

Visiting teachers from japan observing Perkins teacher instructing a student

Visitors from Yokohama

Mar. 27th | Preschooler Elizabeth signs with her teacher Meghan while visiting teachers from Japan’s Yokohama Christian School for the Blind observe in the background. The teachers  spent a week at Perkins learning teaching techniques for students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.

Lisa Hilton playing on a grand piano

Lisa Hilton

Apr. 1st | Renowned jazz pianist Lisa Hilton returned to Perkins to perform and conduct a master class for students.

Cameron thrilled to find a easter egg

Beeping Egg success

Apr. 6th | Preschooler Cameron squeals in delight after finding an egg during Perkins' annual Beeping Egg Hunt. The beeping eggs make it possible for children who are blind or visually impaired to find them and enjoy the treats within.

A child laughing while eating lunch

Connecting at the ECC

Apr. 27th | A child shares a laugh with adults during lunch at the Early Connections Conference. For the past 36 years, this unique conference has fostered community among families and kids with visual impairments and offered a wealth of resources for families.

Dave Power on stage speaking to the audience

CEO Dave Power at the Gala

May 2nd | Dave Power, president and CEO of Perkins School for the Blind, addresses the audience at the Perkins Gala.

A group of teachers raising their glasses for a toast

ELP's give a toast

May 2nd | In the last days of their year on campus, participants of the Perkins International Educational Leadership Program  raise a glass and toast each other at the Perkins Gala.

Confetti showers attendees as the choir sings

Confetti Finale

May 2nd | Revelers at the Perkins Gala are showered with confetti as the Blind Boys of Alabama and the Perkins choir sing a finale.

College Success graduates raise their diplomas in celebration

CollegeSuccess@Perkins Graduation Day

May 18th | Seven graduates from our first-ever session of College Success @ Perkins stand in the Sullivan Courtyard on a beautiful, sunny day - they're holding their certificates and have their hands up in celebration.

Graduating ELP participants riases their diplomas in celebration

Educational Leadership Program Graduation

May 22nd | At graduation, participants of the Perkins International Educational Leadership Program raise their diplomas in celebration on stage in Dwight Hall.

Landscape portrait of John's bridge surrounded by trees

John's Bridge

May 29th | John's Bridge over Perkins Pond helps students safely study the aquatic ecosystem, conduct experiments and monitor local wildlife, including frogs and turtles.

Ahmed throwing a jab at Matt, a adaptive PE teacher

Ahmed's jab

May 30th | Ahmed, a senior in the deaf blind program, throws a jab at Matt, an adaptive PE teacher in the ring at Title Boxing. When Ahmed told Matt he was interested in learning to box, Matt got in touch with nearby Title Boxing who was game to develop training sessions for Ahmed that adapted to his deafblindness.


Jamie on trumpet performing with Jonah on microphone

Jonah and Jamie at graduation

Jun. 14th | At graduation, Jonah (vocals) and Jamie (with trumpet) bring everyone in the audience to tears with a song they perform.

Maggie peeks at a industrial dishwasher

Maggie at the MSPCA

Jul. 8th | Secondary student, Maggie peers through an industrial dishwasher at the MSPCA where she volunteers in the pet adoption wing.

Kids stacking illuminated blocks into a high tower

Light stacks

Jul. 15th | Illuminated stacking blocks (think glowing Legos©), are especially accessible to the kids with visual impairments in the lower school.

An aerial view of Perkins' campus with the Charles river nearby

Perkins on the Charles

Aug. 2nd | Aerial view of Perkins' campus next to the Charles River, with the Boston skyline in the background under a blue sky dotted with puffy clouds.

Jayden listens and touches the xylophone

Jayden and the Xylophone

Aug. 9th | On a beautiful day, Jayden leans down to listen to the xylophone in the central playground.

Addie crossing a playground bridge while holding bars

Addie on the bridge

Aug. 16th | Addie crosses a bridge on a playground near her home in Woburn. She’s  been a student in the Perkins infant toddler program for a couple of years; next year she’ll start kindergarten at her local public school. We couldn’t be more proud!

John cooking hotdogs at a local event

John's DogHouseDogs

Sep. 1st | After graduating from Perkins, John built a thriving business, DogHouseDog, where he and his friends sell hotdogs at local events and at the Pawtucket Red Sox games in Rhode Island.

Sue Sullivan teaching a student

Sue Sullivan STEM sage

Sep. 25th | Sue Sullivan helps students overcome hurdles and unlock their full potential by making STEM subjects - like math and computer science - accessible and fun. "I meet students where they are and give them the support they need to succeed," Sue says.

Grace teaching Amanda with tactile sign language

Amanda and Grace

Sep. 27th | Amanda has developed many skills at Perkins, but of particular importance for a social butterfly like Amanda was learning how to communicate through various methods including tactile sign language and assistive technology. She chats with her teacher Grace using tactile sign language.

A group of students and teachers holding hands with Iris in a circle

From Perkins to Western Mass

Sep. 30th | After graduating from Perkins, Iris now lives in a residential community run by Cadmus Lifesharing Association, a network of independent households that care for people with disabilities and one of Perkins’ many transition partners. There, she follows a work/life schedule that supports her needs and adds to her skill sets. “With Iris, we’re building layer by layer on what she can do,” says Penni Greene, who works for Cadmus and provides a home for her. “We’re trying to help her build the most independent life she can build and we believe in her enough to say, ‘you can do this.’”

A caterer preparing food and drinks for attendees to taste

Caterers prep for the show

Oct. 10th | The annual Taste of Perkins is a  night of celebrating the great work that happens at Perkins School for the Blind.

Eleanor in a radio station at Perkins' Grousbeck Center

Eleanor takes the mike

Oct. 17th | Students control the airwaves at Radio Perkins, the Internet radio station located at Perkins' Grousbeck Center for Students & Technology. The studio features state-of-the-art equipment and is completely accessible for people who are blind or visually impaired. Student DJs work with mentors to improve their confidence, communication and organization skills, all while playing their favorite music for listeners across the country.

People with white canes navigating their way

White Cane Awareness Day at the State House

Oct. 21st | Scores of people (many from Perkins' community) turned out at the Massachusetts State Capital for the White Cane Awareness Day sponsored by the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind.

An aerial view of Howe tower at sunset

Howe Tower at sunset

Oct. 24th | Aerial view of Howe tower as the sun sets directly behind its upper spires.

Gabriel laughs with his teacher

Gabriel and his teacher

Nov. 11th | Gabriel (harnessed in a wheelchair with two large-button switches mounted on each side of him) shares a laugh with his teacher.

Jake points at the flag that is being hoisted up on Veterans Day

Flag raising

Nov. 11th | On Veterans Day students and faculty gathered at the flag pole for a flag-raising ceremony. Jake, a student in the Deafblind Program, points up excitedly as the flag is mounted.

Kevin performs with the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra in Dwight Hall

Kevin in the CSO

Nov. 18th | For nearly 200 years music has been one of the pillars of Perkins' curriculum.  Secondary school student Kevin performs with the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra in Dwight Hall.

Tatiana teachers Micah the sign for shark


Nov. 21st | In the tactile museum, Tatiana, a participant of Perkins International Educational Leadership Program teaches Micah, a student who is deafblind, the sign for shark as they stand next to a full size hammerhead shark.

A group of kids led by a staff member dressed as Hagrid through Perkins' Campus

Rubeus leads the way

Dec. 6th | On Harry Potter Weekend, a staff member dressed as Hagrid leads campers through the snow to the sorting hat ceremony.

Perkins' Choir on stage performing

Holiday concert

Dec. 10th | Perkins choir sings on stage during the holiday concert - their reflection reaches across the hardwood floor of Dwight Hall.

Daudi teaches Myat braille

Learning Braille

Dec. 16th | Daudi, a participant of Perkins International Educational Leadership Program  from Tanzania teaches Myat braille in the Deafblind Program.

Shelby poses in her pajamas

Pajama Day

Dec. 19th | It's PJ day in the Deafblind Program's preschool class. Shelby poses in Elephant and Piggie PJs.

Dec. 21st | The six bright, motivated young adults who completed our first-ever session of CareerLaunch@Perkins stand in the atrium of the Grousbeck Center, smiling confidently for the camera. Each of them secured internships in the Boston area and are prepared to move into meaningful careers.