Meet Bill and Liz Thorndike

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Bill and Liz Thorndike

September 25, 2020

Bill and Liz have supported Perkins since 2003. Bill’s grandfather, Albert Thorndike, was a Perkins Trustee from 1887 to 1911.

What drew your grandfather to support Perkins?

Bill: I believe he saw in Perkins the opportunity to assist young people with challenges who might otherwise have missed the chance to get a good foothold on the road of life.

How did you personally become involved?

Bill: As the son and daughter of a Perkins Trustee, my father and my aunt regularly made donations to Perkins. I sort of grew up with the school. Liz and I are very impressed by the vision for the future of the school and have become even more involved in Perkins activities.

What inspires you both about the Perkins mission?

Bill and Liz: The Perkins mission inspires us because it is attempting to reach beyond what is now available. Some call it “thinking outside the box.” It is using imagination and dedication to create something heretofore not envisioned.

You have supported Perkins in many ways over the years. Why did you decide to also include Perkins in your estate planning?

Bill and Liz: Perkins in our estate? That’s a no-brainer. Perkins is a winner. But to keep being so, those of us who admire where the school is headed need to put our money where our mouths are. It is a great honor for us to participate in this manner.

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