T Access For the Blind: An App Paves the Way

A woman in a blue-green dress carrying a white cane stands directly next to an MBTA bus

BlindWays helps anyone - including people who are blind, like Joann Becker - find the exact location of an MBTA bus stop.

September 27, 2016

Joann Becker was tired of missing the bus.

“When I am walking down the street, I never can find bus stops. I use GPS on my iPhone, and inevitably, where I think a bus stop is, it isn’t. So the bus passes right by.” Becker said.

So Becker, a specialist in assistive technology at the Perkins School for the Blind, teamed up with the Perkins Solutions team, local software developer Raizlabs, and the MBTA. With seed funding from Google’s Impact Challenge: Disabilities initiative, they made BlindWays, a smartphone app that enables blind people to find a bus stop all on their own.

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