Phillips' Taylar Bogdanovic to attend Perkins School for the Blind

Sights set on the future

A student attending College Success@Perkins poses for a picture in front of the woods.

In just a couple of weeks, Taylar Bogdanovic will ship off to Watertown, Massachusetts, to attend the Perkins School for the Blind where she will be one of 10 students from across the country to learn skills for college life and beyond in a new pilot program. Perkins School for the Blind, founded in 1829, is America’s oldest school for the blind and taught the likes of Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller.

August 15, 2018

Taylor Bogdanovic's collegiate journey will gain momentum at Perkins School for the Blind, where she will be one of just 10 students from across the nation to take part in the new College Success@Perkins program, through which blind and visually impaired students learn how to navigate college campuses, see how to join clubs and sports teams, and even gain on-the-job experience by visiting local companies, ultimately teaching them how to tailor their college experiences to meet their career goals.

According to Leslie Thatcher, director of the nine-month College Success program, six out of 10 blind or visually impaired students never graduate college. The plan is to ensure that Bogdanovic and her classmates fall in the minority of that statistic.

“It’s a really diverse group of students, all of whom are high school graduates, some of whom have had some community college experience, but all of whom recognize that there’s value in taking nine months to work on, learn, and practice and integrate all those skills into their way of being,” Thatcher said.

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