Perkins Access Makes Improving Digital Accessibility Easier than Ever

Young woman with visual impairment navigates on an iPad

Accessibility built into webpages helps people with a range of disabilities to access information on the web.

March 25, 2016

For most people who log onto the Internet every day, the accessibility of a webpage is one of the last things that enters their minds. If you aren’t blind or deaf, or don’t have a disability such as a mobility disorder that makes it difficult to navigate webpages with a mouse, chances are that the web is optimized for your use and is easy to navigate.

However, for many web users with disabilities, the lack of accessibility of webpages is a problem that inhibits their fundamental ability to access information on the web. For many companies, designing websites with disabled customers and users in mind isn’t on their radar.

“Companies need to ingrain accessibility design in their policies and procedures just like they do IT security,” says Bill Oates, the Vice President of Perkins Solutions. Perkins Solutions is the technology and services branch of Perkins School for the Blind …

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