Mila's Family is Hopeful After Experimental Therapy

It was winter when the Makovec family uprooted their lives in Colorado to begin an experimental genetic treatment for seven-year old Mila in Boston.

Little girl smiles while being hugged by dad

A Girl From Colorado is Receiving An Experimental Treatment for Her Batten Disease

June 22, 2018

It’s time to just let Mila be a kid, her mom said. There will be no hospital visits for a while. She’s back at the preschool she loves. The horseback riding and yoga she does each week are beautifully disguised therapies to keep her strong and healthy.

“Mila’s trying hard to communicate and I’d really like to find someone who’s dedicated to helping her with that. It’s not like she hasn’t spoken before, similar to a stroke victim, so we’re looking for a good speech therapist for her,” Vitarello said.

Her vision is completely gone and there are no illusions it will return, even with additional treatments. But the family is working hard to find ways for Mila to experience the world around her. One of the things that most enthralled and lifted them while in Boston was the two weeks Mila spent at the Perkins School for the Blind. The school’s expertise in disabilities empowered the family with new methods of interaction.

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