Kim Charlson Quoted on Audio Described Oscar Nominees

WGBH "Greater Boston" and Boston Globe cover accessible films

Kim Charlson at WGBH talking about audio description in 2010

Kim Charlson at WGBH studios during a 2010 press conference announcing that certain Bay State cinemas would be required by law to make audio description available to audience members who are blind.

February 20, 2015

Five of this year's eight Best Picture Academy Award nominees were audio described here in Boston. In the early days, Perkins Library Director, Kim Charlson was consulted on the development of audio description at WGBH's Media Access Group. Naturally, the press comes to her as an authority on the subject. A strong advocate for accessibility of all kinds, Kim is also the president of the American Council of the Blind. She appeared in the Greater Boston TV news magazine piece on audio described Oscar nominees and was quoted in the page-one Boston Globe story on the same topic.