Our Experts

Insight on blindness education, assistive technology, living with deafblindness and more.

Perkins' speakers bureau showcases the unique perspectives of the exceptional individuals who drive Perkins’ mission to improve the lives of people with disabilities around the globe. Speakers include an alumna who is deafblind, our executive team and internationally-renowned activists. All of them will inform, inspire and motivate your workplace or community. 

To book a speaker contact the Director of Media & Public Relations at 617-972-7333 or PublicRelations@Perkins.org.

Headshot of Dave PowerDave Power, President & CEO, leans into innovation and looks past today’s success to prepare for the next challenge. As a highly respected business strategist as well as the father of a Perkins graduate, Power speaks to both the global and the personal impact of Perkins work with clarity and compassion. He articulates the advantages gained when we value diversity, adapt nimbly, and utilize technology. Where others see problems, Power sees opportunities.


Head shot of Corinne GrousbeckCorinne Basler, Board of Trustees Chair is smart, passionate, and direct with a message that is both universal and personal. She has traveled the world to witness Perkins’ global reach in schools and orphanages. She, herself, has raised a son who is blind and experienced first-hand the misconceptions Perkins students face beyond the campus walls. Basler is on a mission to shatter damaging myths about blindness and change society’s attitudes using the internet and interpersonal encounters with equal power and grace.


Head shot of Ed BossoEd Bosso, President of Educational Programs, focuses on collaborating with families, public schools and communities to meet each student’s unique learning needs. Humanity and warmth inform his approach to making systems that really work for children with visual impairments or multiple disabilities. Bosso’s thirty years of experience in special education and his newer role raising a daughter with low vision provide multi-faceted and keen perspectives on innovation and excellence in education. Learn more about Perkins Educational Programs.


Headshot of Kim CharlsonKim Charlson, Perkins Library Director and the American Council of the Blind’s first woman president, is a barrier-breaking activist and world-renowned expert on literacy. Charlson, who is blind, led the drive to make ATMs talk and advises policymakers on topics from quiet cars to accessible currency. Her rich trove of stories delivered with wit and humor illustrate the power of personal independence, literacy and equal access to the community. Learn more about Perkins Library.


Head shot of Luiza AguiarLuiza Aguiar, Executive Director of Perkins Solutions, leverages mainstream and emerging technologies to solve challenges old and new. Businesses increasingly embrace diversity in the workplace and the marketplace and Aguiar is leading a charge to include people of all abilities. Addressing issues from building mobile apps to meeting government standards for web accessibility, she speaks to the ways that technology, strategic innovation and inclusive design can converge to create a world that truly works for everyone. Learn more about Perkins Solutions.



Head shot of Joann BeckerJoAnn Becker, Assistive Technology Support, Training and Testing Specialist is hands-on, especially with the technology she uses to access information, transportation, entertainment and communication. Becker, who is blind, helps people with impaired vision find high-tech ways to adapt. Years in product development give her credibility. Life experience gives her insight. Ask her about her vision of how to make the world more accessible to people who are blind.