From the Alumni Association President

A letter from Judi Cannon

Judi Cannon standing outside with her guidedog Kirk

Judi Cannon with her guide dog Kirk.

Perkins has given me a lot of things. As a student, it gave me an excellent education, and as an adult, it gave me a fulfilling career. But I think the most important things Perkins has given me are memories.

When I walk through Brooks Cottage it’s like traveling back in time – I remember evenings standing around the piano singing. I remember the staff member who later adopted my second guide dog when it was time for her to retire. I remember the teachers and mentors who helped me do good things as a Perkins student. If it had been up to me, I would have been in the gym more than the classroom, but they encouraged me, and I’m proud of the person they helped me become.

Alumni Weekend is all about memories. It seems like every conversation begins with “Remember when?” or “Wasn’t that awesome?” No matter what year you graduated, you have memories of your time at Perkins. My advice to you is to cherish them, as well as the friends who helped you make them.

In October, I’ll be retiring from my job as a braille services specialist at the Perkins Library, but I won’t really be leaving Perkins. I’ll still be maintaining my role as president of the Alumni Association, and working to preserve and celebrate our collective memories of this amazing place.

As always, I invite you to join me in this work. Next year is an election year for all officers of the Association. Consider getting involved, or at the very least, casting your vote. Keep in touch with us through email ( or phone (617-972-7873) and tell us your Perkins memories.

All my best,

Judi Cannon

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