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Cover page of the Winter 2020 Dots and Decibels Newsletter. Cover story is "The 2020 Census: Everyone Deserves to Be Counted"

Cover page of the Winter 2020 Dots and Decibels Newsletter.

March 19, 2020

The 2020 Census: Everyone Deserves to Be Counted

Every 10 years, as required by the United States Constitution, the U.S. Census Bureau takes a complete count of the country’s population. The Census Bureau collects data for statistical purposes only, and is required by law to protect your individual identity.

Everyone living in the U.S. is expected to participate, and doing so really does make a difference in shaping our future. Congress uses the information to distribute more than $880 billion per year in federal funds and grants. Our state loses as much as $2,300 for every person not counted. Responding to the census will help ensure that our communities receive the resources needed to provide and maintain critical infrastructure and other essential programs for people with disabilities.

Census results determine how many seats in congress each state receives and are used by Washington’s bipartisan redistricting commission to draw new, equally populated congressional districts.

The 2020 census process will begin in March 2020 when the Census Bureau will mail out a postcard invitation to every household asking each to participate. It is important that you hold onto this postcard to access your code number to take the census.

You will have several ways to take the census. You can respond:

  • Online through the accessible website using your own assistive technology
  • By phone where live census takers will help you, in 13 different languages, register your responses
  • By mail using a form
  • Or through an in-person interview.

Whichever way you choose to respond—online, by phone, or by mail—the 2020 census is accessible for you.

By mid-April, a paper questionnaire will be mailed to every household that hasn’t already responded. Braille and large print guides will be available to assist with completing the paper questionnaire.

If necessary, you can respond in person beginning in mid-May. Census takers will visit all households that have not yet responded by that date.

Again, your participation is very important. A complete count helps ensure that services like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and public transportation can support those who need them. Everything is being done to ensure that everyone can be counted. Please do your part and complete the census survey. By completing the census, you are helping write history!

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