Celebrating the start of a new school year

Students return to Perkins School for the Blind for a new year of learning, laughter and growth

Zachary and Music Director Arnie Harris strum guitars.

On the first day at school, Zachary, a student in the Secondary Program, practices chords on the guitar during a one-on-one lesson with Perkins Music Director Arnie Harris.

September 7, 2016

Students at Perkins School for the Blind were all smiles as they returned for the first day of school on Sept. 6 – despite the overcast sky and on-and-off drizzle.

As their buses pulled up to the school buildings, students were greeted by a community of Perkins teachers and staff, who ventured into the rain to welcome them back to campus.

Once off the bus, students ventured into their new classrooms and reconnected with friends and classmates they had missed over the summer. Then they got to work. Students dove into academics, physical education, music and life skills lessons – pursing their passions and discussing the challenging milestones the upcoming year has in store.

a student is being pushed in her wheelchair up the sidewalk

Deafblind Program student Sinead braves the rainy weather in style as she arrives on campus for her first day of the academic year.

a student waves "hi" to a teacher

Deafblind Program student Antonio waves to Perkins staff and friends as he makes his way to his new classroom.

three students laugh at a table while they are playing a game

Lower School student Ethan practices his math skills as he keeps track of his score during a game played with classmates.

students jump and play in a gym

Lower School student Kathely defies gravity during gym class on the first day of school.

students at a table with a teacher

Secondary Program students Patrick and Aiden share news during their Current Events class with Perkins teacher Kate LeBlanc.