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Asma Shilpi uses a flashlight to examine an infant wrapped in a blanket.
Asma Shilpi, who graduated from the Educational Leadership Program, is providing aid for displaced children with disabilities.
A guide dog lying down
Perkins employees describe the unique bond that exists between themselves and their guide dogs.
Two boys reading braille books
Even before children learn to read, there are steps parents can to take to get them ready.
A young woman holds a guide cane in one hand with a sighted guide on her other side outside the Howe Building
Make your next interaction with someone who is visually impaired easier and more comfortable – for both of you.
A teenager empties the dishwasher in his apartment.
Working together, parents, children and professionals can build a transition planning roadmap to a happier, fulfilling adult life.
hand reads brailled page as it rolls out of Perkins Brailler
Q&A with Perkins Solutions on the importance of braille in today's modern world.
A young woman using an iPad sits next to her guide dog
Why non-accessible websites are no longer good enough, and what governments and businesses must do to improve digital accessibility.
Paul McCartney, Rihanna and Kanye West with braille characters spelling “FourFiveSeconds”
Which pop superstar put braille on her new album? How can braille help criminals go straight? What’s the latest trend in braille tattoos?
Anna sits in a wheelchair and embraces a classmate at Mali dom in Zagreb, Croatia.
Perkins International's long-time partner in the Balkans emerges as a leader in multiple-disability education.
the braille alphabet a - z in print and simulated braille. Perkins School for the Blind logo
Learn the braille alphabet to understand more about how people who are blind read and write using braille. Help raise awareness of braille inclusion today!