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Audience listening to panel discussion
Things parents and caregivers should know and simple ways to support siblings of children with disabilities.
Millie Smith presenting at front of room
Successfully teaching children with multiple impairments requires goals, collaboration and accountability from both parents and educators.
A student and teacher do an activity on a computer screen.
A breakthrough technology is helping non-verbal Perkins students use their limited vision to communicate.
Student and teacher using brailler.
Sharing their love of braille with friends helps kids who are blind build their self-confidence
A teenager empties the dishwasher in his apartment.
Working together, parents, children and professionals can build a transition planning roadmap to a happier, fulfilling adult life.
Helen Keller.
Hellen Keller was a world-famous author and activist, but did you know she was a trailblazer in many other ways?
African students reading braille text.
Growing up in Kenya, Martin's access to a Perkins Brailler enabled him to thrive academically.
Anna sits in a wheelchair and embraces a classmate at Mali dom in Zagreb, Croatia.
Perkins International's long-time partner in the Balkans emerges as a leader in multiple-disability education.
the braille alphabet a - z in print and simulated braille. Perkins School for the Blind logo
Learn the braille alphabet to understand more about how people who are blind read and write using braille. Help raise awareness of braille inclusion today!
hand reads brailled page as it rolls out of Perkins Brailler
Q&A with Perkins Solutions on the importance of braille in today's modern world.