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A teenage boy skis down the mountain wearing a neon vest
If you’ve ever wondered how people who are blind ride the bus, raise kids or shop for groceries, here’s your chance to find out.
A pair of feet walk down a sidewalk, with a white cane tapping ahead.
To celebrate National White Cane Safety Day, here are some little-known facts about the iconic white cane.
A miniature black graduation cap with a large, gold tassel rests on top of a text book standing upright.
Compass, by College Success @ Perkins, is a virtual program that helps blind and visually impaired post-secondary students develop critical skills.
"How do you communicate with a deafblind person? With trust and respect," Martha Majors, Executive Director Deafblind Program
This guiding philosophy of the Deafblind Program breaks down barriers so students can communicate and self-advocate.
A young woman who is blind works behind a counter in a jewelry shop.
Perkins’ summer vocational program puts students with visual impairment on the payroll at local workplaces.
A student with visual impairment in a wheelchair holds a flower and examines a fluorescent vase.
Our experts are teaching the world about cortical/cerebral visual impairment to help children improve their use of vision.
A student at Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf and Deafblind, in Mumbai, India, practices on a Perkins Brailler®.
A five-day journey to India was the first of its kind designed to bring donors face-to-face with the children their generosity supports.
A guide dog lying down
Perkins employees describe the unique bond that exists between themselves and their guide dogs.
A girl places flowers in a vase.
Around the world, there are 6 million children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities. Here's how we're reaching them.
A guide dog with a harness sits on the ground.
You may be aware that guide dogs help those who are blind or have low vision, but do you know the most common breeds, or what they do when "off-harness"?