Two students sit at a long table listening to information on jobs
March 27, 2014
Perkins students learn how to navigate the world of work, from what opportunities are out there to what questions to ask, at Perkins' jobs open house, held in Dwight Hall.
Student working a desk job
October 21, 2013
Students take another step in transitioning to college or work.
Two students pack oranges in a box under supervision
October 21, 2013
Students learn important job skills during a five week training program.
Kathleen Martinez handing business card to two Perkins students.
July 19, 2013
Kathleen Martinez, U.S. Assistant Secretary for Disability Employment Policy, visited with staff and students at Perkins.
Beam and another student navigate a street in Thailand using their white canes.
July 5, 2012
Born with visual impairments and multiple disabilities, Beam proudly uses his earnings as a massage therapist to support his mother.
A woman with visual impairment sits at a computer wearing a headset.
Easy ways to transform any workplace to better serve people with disabilities
Photographer Pete Eckert, state Supreme Court justice Richard Bernstein, BBC correspondent Gary O’Donoghue and chef Christine Ha
No occupation, no matter how associated with sight, is out of reach for blind professionals.
A miniature black graduation cap with a large, gold tassel rests on top of a text book standing upright.
Compass, by College Success @ Perkins, is a virtual program that helps blind and visually impaired post-secondary students develop critical skills.
Illustration of a megaphone and Career Launch @ Perkins logo with the following text: "11 career readiness tips"
Experts from Career Launch @ Perkins share 11 career readiness tips for job candidates with visual impairment looking to prepare for the workplace.


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