Sue and Larry Melander with a large leather volume
January 6, 2016
Historic Perkins correspondence from 1828-1910 is now searchable online, thanks to two dedicated Archives volunteers.
Jack and Jill Fox behind the podium
September 29, 2015
Two of the industry’s leading audio book narrators share their expertise with Perkins Library volunteers.
Marilyn wearing headphones and speaking into a microphone
June 11, 2015
Volunteer narrator Marilyn Rea Beyer shares the secrets of bringing audio books to life during phone-in event for Perkins Library patrons.
Two women runners standing side by side.
April 28, 2015
One teacher runs a 5K race without the benefit of sight to raise funds for Perkins.
Three people holding Perkins sign at marathon
April 22, 2015
Five extraordinary people ran the Boston Marathon to raise money for Perkins and blindness education
A blindfolded runner and sighted guide run together in the Blindfold Challenge in Boston
February 10, 2015
It’s a chance to challenge yourself. Amaze your friends. And help children who are blind.
A student and a volunteer in the back seat of a cab
May 13, 2013
Those who volunteer at Perkins find it's a two-way street


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