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A teacher and young boy communicate face to face.
October 20, 2020
Empowering more children and families than ever, Ruchi Dixit is part of the Perkins effect
A photo of a boy is beside the words "world sight day 2020"
October 7, 2020
Hope in Sight
A teacher signs with his student, both wearing masks.
October 5, 2020
Many things are different this year, but the students who need our help, support and expertise the most are now back in their classrooms.
A man stands behind a woman seated in a wingback chair in a living room with two portraits on the wall.
September 25, 2020
Bill and Liz have supported Perkins since 2003. Bill’s grandfather, Albert Thorndike, was a Perkins Trustee from 1887 to 1911.
Adults holding young children sit in a circle while a teacher plays a guitar in 1982.
September 25, 2020
For decades, trailblazing work has put families and young children first.
Sara Espanet
September 25, 2020
How our teachers ensure learning continues for students in the Deafblind Program
Two boys play in a sandbox.
September 25, 2020
In partnership with our teachers, parents are getting more involved than ever in their children’s education
 A boy in a red shirt plays JENGA
September 17, 2020
A list of fun family activities and adaptations!
A row of colorful colored pencils
September 8, 2020
Whether your child will be learning remotely, attending school in person, or participating in a hybrid model, we have some helpful tips for you!
Senator Tom Harkin and Perkins Ambassador Kim Charlson pose together.
July 27, 2020
Perkins sat down with Senator Tom Harkin and Ambassador Kim Charlson to discuss the pillars of the ADA in contexts of technology, education and more.