Five ways the LightAide is great for kids with CVI

Child and adult with LightAide.
May 30, 2014

The LightAide™ is an exciting new educational tool for students with vision impairments, cognitive disabilities and other challenges. Children with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) really respond to the LightAide due to some of its great features. The LightAide was developed through a partnership with Philips and Perkins Products.

Here are five ways the LightAide is great for kids with CVI

1. It has LIGHTS

Children with CVI love lights. Bright and colorful lights of all sort can appeal to children with CVI. The bright multicolored LED lights are cool and safe to touch. The 224 Philips LEDs include the colors red and yellow that many children with CVI have a preference for. Many of the activities make the lights move, and that draws in many children with CVI and keeps their attention.

2. It’s fun

A learning tool is only good if it is used and since the LightAide is fun it will keep a child going back again and again. It can be used as a motivational tool to help facilitate the child through needed lessons. There is an additional Games Set that can be added to bring the device to a whole new level of FUN.

3. It’s simple

Visual clutter can be an issue with a child with CVI. They can struggle when an image has too much visual complexity. Basic simple images in a large space are a great benefit to children with CVI. The addition of large, easy-to-manipulate switches in colorful colors are great accessories to add to the device. And an added bonus? It is also very simple to operate for the parent or instructor.

4. It’s educational

The LightAide is not a toy, but a unique educational device. There are activities to help develop both vital math and literacy skills. View the LightAide Activity Book that has information on the included Starter Activity Set and the additional Visual Efficiency Activity Sets, English Language Arts Activity Set, Mathematics Activity Set and Expanded Core Curriculum Activity Set that you can add on for an additional purchase.

5. It can facilitate group and social learning

Having a visual impairment can be very isolating. CVI is no different. The LightAide can accommodate up to four learners, so this device can bring other learning partners together with the child. Many of the activities are multi-user and fun. Instead of a device having the potential to isolate the child, this has the opportunity to help make the student part of their whole learning community.

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Infographic of 5 ways the LightAide is great for kids with CVI