Stirring up imagination through Regenerative Learning

By exploring the principles of Regenerative learning and making it intrinsic to education for children with disabilities brings real value. To make learning regenerative, our educationists involve children to work at home, in the garden, kitchen and participate in community activities.

Opening up a whole new world of color and confidence

The world of Multiple Disabilities and Visual Impairment is complex. Our team of Educators and Facilitators apply the Perkins Framework, where Learning ‘how to’ begins with a heartbeat close to nature and natural formations.

How wonderful it is to see children with disabilities living, playing and learning using regenerative processes. See what happens –

At Home: cooking, cleaning, wiping plates before meal times, serving water to family, making lemon juice, washing and folding clothes, cleaning utensils, watering the plants, taking care of (feeding/bathing) cattle.

Lime juice anyone? A child extracts juice from limes with the help of his teacher – using hand over hand method.

Support activities: Children require support  in starting out with some of the activities from the parent or caregiver – example, hand-over-hand, wrist support or a gentle guidance from hand under hand.

How wonderful is it for them to be comfortable in their own home, feel the wind,  touch of petals and pebbles, learn about fruits, vegetables – shapes, sizes and texture.

A little girl sweeps the house using a broom. A great way to gain c-ordination of eyes, limbs and movement.

Newsletter: February 2023

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A painting using homemade colors with onions and potatoes

Art and Craft Activities

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Maintaining hygiene & care for children with multiple disabilities & vision impairment

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