Staff spotlight: Sonu Rangnekar

The New England Consortium on Deafblindness invites you to learn a little bit about NEC Family Specialist Sonu Rangnekar!

A photo of NEC Family Specialist Sonu Rangnekar

The New England Consortium on Deafblindness has different consultants serving families for each of our five states. Sonu works with children and families in the Connecticut region as a NEC Family Specialist!

A little about Sonu’s background.

Sonu Rangnekar received her Honors degree in Mathematical Statistics & her post graduate
degree in Communications from Delhi University, India. She has worked in International
Development for over two decades in several countries in Africa, Asia and Latin
America. Her work focussed on Program Development and Program Implementation of
multi-country, federally funded programs, in the area of Community Development, Public
Health, Child Welfare and Small and Medium Enterprise Development. Her expertise
lies in Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Analysis.

In addition to her International Development work, Sonu has also worked with
organizations that address the needs of underprivileged children and children with
special needs; The Blind Relief Association (India), Mobile Creches (India), USAID
Programs on Child welfare (India) and Save the Children (UK).

In Connecticut, she also works with the West Hartford Public schools as an interpreter
for non-English speaking parents, from some Asian countries (who speak Hindi, Urdu or
Punjabi). Her work in the school system also includes working with parents of special
needs kids and helping families with IEP development process and navigating the
educational and State support system.

Sonu’s personal journey as the mother of a special needs son, lends her an intimate
understanding of not just the challenges and the joys of parenting a child with
disabilities, but also of the emotional and daily demands it makes on parents and
families. This gives her both the tools and the insight to work as a Family Specialist and
offer support and help to families like her own.

Outside of work, Sonu enjoys doing pottery, writing, playing tennis, Qigong and hiking.


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