Sounds of Perkins

A collection of audio recorded around the Perkins campus. The collection documents the sounds of Perkins, including student life.

Students walking with white canes through a sunny campus
Howe Tower at sunset with sun streaming through bell tower.

Tower bells chiming

Recording of the Wheelwright Bells in the Perkins tower. The peal of English bells was donated in 1912. Learn more by reading “The change ringing bells at Perkins” Archives blog post. Recording by Jerry Berrier, 2014.

Audio recording of tower bells chiming
EAAB Goalball Tournament


A short recording of a goalball game at Perkins recorded circa 2004. Goalball is played on a rectangular court on the floor of a gymnasium, with a goal at either end. All markings are tactile, and all players, regardless of the degree of vision, must wear blindfolds throughout the game. Each team of three attempts to roll the ball across the opposing team’s goal line while defending its own. The ball has bells in it. Learn more by reading “Sports” on our Historic Curriculum page.

Audio recording of Goalball game
Perkins cheerleaders cheerleading with pom-poms.


A short recording of cheerleading recorded at Perkins in 2004. Cheerleading, still a popular Perkins activity, is mentioned for the first time in the annual reports of the 1950s. In 1955, the cheerleaders accompanied the wrestling team to New York for a match. Learn more by reading “Sports” on our Historic Curriculum page.

Audio recording of cheerleading.
View of Girl's Close residential cottages with walkway lined with brick buildings on both sides with the Howe Building Tower behind.

The Perkins Bells: Sounds and history

Portrait painting of John Dix Fisher circa 1840

Dr. John Dix Fisher

Perkins founding director, Samuel Gridley Howe, a white man, in two-thirds view. Howe is 30 years old. He is wearing a black coat and a white shirt with a high, straight collar that extends above a black scarf cravat around his neck. Howe’s dark hair is styled upwards and he wears long sideburns, both popular mens’ hairstyles in the 1830s.

Samuel Gridley Howe