Shark Tank highlights

For 6 years, the generosity of Shark Tank donors has provided 54 grants to 25 countries. Here are some highlights from past Shark Tank projects.

Creating a CVI unit, India

Shefali Kalra, Class of 2022

Shefali’s project allowed her to develop a vision department in her school that focuses on Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI). Her center provides screening of children, full assessments, training to staff and families, and works to implement appropriate modifications.

Renovation of classrooms, Tanzania

Jacquiline Massawe, Class of 2022

Jackie’s classroom and bathroom were not accessible to students with disabilities prior to her project. Her Shark Tank project allowed her to remodel her classroom and bathroom to make it accessible to students with multiple disabilities.

Making communication accessible, Mexico

Angie Bastarrachea Fajardo, Class of 2022

Angie worked with teachers and families to provide services and individualized materials. She continues to work supporting students so they have access to all activities throughout the day while developing their communication skills so that every child has their own voice.

Nikolina pushing a wheelchair delivering flowers

Transition program, Croatia

Nikolina Juric, Class of 2016

Nikolina developed a comprehensive program that provides vocational and independent living services that continues to thrive today.

Mother and child sit together

Parent and teacher training, Malawi

Ausward Siwinda, Class of 2019

Ausward’s program provided training for parents and teachers of students with disabilities who were left out. His initiative was expanded and children are now attending school.

Tuti smiles at a child giving her a plant.

Transforming an orphanage, Indonesia

Tuti Hendrawati, Class of 2018

Tuti has transformed her orphanage to a quality education and community outreach program, building a supportive system with children at the center.

Remove and replace with Mai

Create an assistive device center, Egypt

Samir Ashmawy, Class of 2018

Samir’s project focused on creating adaptive equipment to help children with disabilities access their learning environment.

A young boy sits while reading a book

Resource room in public school, Dominican Republic

Benita Gonzalez, Class of 2017

Benita created a model resource room for students with disabilities in a public school in collaboration with the government.

Identification for learners who are deafblind, Kenya

Enock Ombok, Class of 2018

Enock further established the proper assessment of students with deafblindness in order for them to be placed in programs that meet their needs.