SMART Brailler®

Why the SMART Brailler?
  • Accelerates Learning: Encourages multi-sensory learning through visual, tactile and auditory feedback, increasing the student’s ability to process new information and making learning fun.
  • Lightens the Load: Weighs 20 percent less than the classic Perkins Brailler, making it easy to transport between home and classroom.
  • Integrates with Mainstream Technology: Edits, saves and transfers brailled documents to digital text files via USB, letting sighted teachers or parents read the document on a computer.
  • Involves Non-Braille Users: Enables better collaboration between students and sighted teachers or parents using Roman letters on the display screen to mirror what is being brailled.
  • Reliable Support: One year warranty and repair service training availability, ensuring that any problem with your product is resolved quickly.
  • Headphone jack and volume control
  • Rechargeable and removable battery
  • Built-in “Building on Patterns” Kindergarten exercises [APH only]
  • Video screen displays SimBraille and large print
  • Audio feedback via Acapela Group’s text to speech, male/female voice options
  • The ability to edit, save and transfer brailled documents to a computer via USB
  • Mechanical brailler capabilities
  • Language platforms in Unified English Braille, English, UK English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Swedish, Polish, Turkish, Arabic and Portuguese
  • Braille output conforms to American National Library Service for the Blind Size and Spacing Standard
  • New and improved! We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products based on feedback from our user community. Improvements like these have led to a decrease in the number of SMART Braillers returned for warranty repair and an increase in user satisfaction:
    • Unified English Braille (UEB)
    • Increased strength and durability of plastic exterior
    • Easier paper loading and decreased paper jamming