Perkins Public Speakers

Kim Charlson speaks at a podium that is adorned with the Perkins logo

Kim Charlson, Perkins Library Executive Director, delivers the commencement speech at the inaugural CareerLaunch@Perkins graduation.


Perkins Public Speaker Program

Perkins public speakers can motivate your team, inspire your colleagues or enlighten any audience with unique insights on overcoming adversity, building bridges between people and innovating for a more inclusive society. You'll hear engaging stories from personal experiences that will change your perspective on individual potential.

At a conference, a fundraiser, or symposium, a Perkins speaker drives the message home. If your event features a special topic such as assistive technology, innovation in education, living independently, etc., just ask us! Perkins expertise in living and learning with blindness or low vision is deep. Most likely, we have an expert on the subject you're looking for.



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