Other Disability-Related Services

This directory was produced by the Perkins Library to assist consumers and professionals in locating services for persons who are blind or visually impaired in Massachusetts. Learn more about the Massachusetts Directory of Agencies.

  • Architectural Access Board (AAB) - Massachusetts Department of Public Safety

    One Ashburton Place, Room 1310
    Boston, MA 02108

    Phone: (617) 727-0660
    Fax: (617) 727-0665
    Web: mass.gov/aab

    AAB is a regulatory department with the legislative mandate to develop and enforce regulations to make public buildings accessible, safe, functional, and usable by persons with disabilities.

  • Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST)

    40 Harvard Mills Square, Suite 3
    Wakefield, MA 01880

    Phone: (781) 245-2212
    Fax: (781) 245-5212
    Email: cast@cast.org
    Web: www.cast.org

    Research and development organization that works to expand opportunities for all people, especially those with disabilities, through innovative uses of technology.

  • Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center (DBTAC)

    New England ADA Center
    180-200 Portland Street, Suite 1
    Boston, MA 02114

    Toll-Free:1-800-949-4232 (voice/tty)
    Phone: 1-617-695-0085 (voice/tty)
    Fax: (617) 482-8099
    Email:  ADAInfo@NewEnglandADA.org

    DBTAC is a national network of 10 regional DBTAC: ADA Centers that provide the most complete and experienced services for up-to-date information, referrals, resources, and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to businesses, employers, government entities, and individuals with disabilities as well as media and news reporters.

  • Disability Law Center (DLC)

    11 Beacon Street, Suite 925
    Boston, MA 02108

    Phone: (617) 723-8455 or (800) 872-9992
    TTY: (617) 227-9464 or (800) 381-0577
    Fax: (617) 723-9125
    Email: mail@dlc-ma.org
    Web: www.dlc-ma.org

    Western Massachusetts Office:
    32 Industrial Drive East
    Northampton, MA 01060
    Phone: (413) 584-6337 or (800) 222-5619
    TTY: (413) 582-6919
    Fax: (413) 584-2976
    Email: mail@dlc-ma.org
    Web: www.dlc-ma.org

    DLC’s mission is to provide legal advocacy on disability issues that promote the fundamental rights of all people with disabilities to participate fully and equally in the social and economic life of Massachusetts.

  • Disability Policy Consortium (DPC)

    PO Box 77
    Boston, MA 02133

    Phone: (617) 542-3822 or (866) 764-3935
    Email: mail@dpcma.org
    Web: www.dpcma.org

    The DPC works through advocacy to redefine government as it affects people with disabilities.

  • Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC)

    300 Granite Street, Suite 404
    Braintree, MA 02184

    Phone: (617) 727-6465 (V/TTY) or (888) 822-0350 (V/TTY)
    Fax: (617) 727-6469
    Hotline: (800) 426-9009
    Email: michelle.habler@dac.state.ma.us

    DPPC is an independent state agency whose purpose is to investigate and remediate cases of abuse of the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable citizens. DPPC’s mission is to protect adults with disabilities from the abusive acts or omissions of their caregivers through investigation, oversight, public awareness and prevention.

  • Massachusetts Assistive Technology Loan Program - Easter Seals MA

    484 Main Street #600
    Worcester, MA 01608

    Phone: (800) 244-2756 ext. 431 or ext. 428
    Fax: (508) 751-6444
    Email: massatloan@eastersealsma.org
    Web: www.massatloan.org

    The Massachusetts Assistive Technology Loan Program assists individuals with disabilities and their family members in securing financing to help them afford those devices they need to live independent lives.  Assistance is provided throughout the loan process, and the program has options that may be available to people who don’t think they would qualify for a loan.

  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

    Office of Transportation Access - THE RIDE
    Ten Park Plaza, Suite 5750
    Boston, MA 02116

    Phone: (617) 222-5123 or (800) 533-6282
    TTY: (617) 222-5415
    Fax: (617) 222-6119
    Email: theride@mbta.com
    Web:  http://www.mbta.com/

    The Ride is the MBTA’s ADA paratransit program, which provides accessible transportation to eligible people who cannot effectively use public transportation some or all of the time because of a physical, cognitive, or mental disability.  Applications are available on the website or by contacting the Office for Transportation Access.

  • Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD)

    One Ashburton Place, Room 601
    Boston, MA 02108

    Phone: (617) 994-6000
    Fax: (617) 994-6024
    Web: www.mass.gov/mcad

    MCAD’s mission is to ensure equality of opportunity by enforcing the Commonwealth’s anti-discrimination laws in employment, housing, public accommodations, credit, mortgage lending, and education. The Commission works to eliminate discrimination and advance the civil rights of the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through law enforcement (filing of complaints, investigations, mediations and conciliations, hearings and litigation) and outreach (training sessions, public education, and testing programs). The Commission also reviews and advises the Governor’s Cabinet Offices concerning the state’s affirmative mandates in employment, housing, construction, contracting and minority and women business enterprises.

  • Massachusetts Network of Information Providers (MNIP)

    Coordinated by the New England INDEX
    EK Shriver Center-INDEX
    University of Massachusetts Medical School
    55 Lake Avenue North, S3-301
    Worcester, MA 01655

    Phone: (800) 642-0249
    Email: info@disabilityinfo.org
    Web: www.disabilityinfo.org

    The MNIP is a collaboration of agencies that seek individually and as a group to address the information needs of people with disabilities, their families and others who provide services.

  • Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD)

    One Ashburton Place, 13th Floor, Room 1305
    Boston, MA 02108

    Phone: (617) 727-7440 or (800) 322-2020
    Fax: (617) 727-0965
    Web: www.mass.gov/mod

    The Client Services Unit of MOD provides information and referral and advocacy to assist people with disabilities in all aspects of life including vocational rehabilitation, independent living, housing, transportation, architectural, and communications access.  MOD houses the federally mandated Client Assistance Program. The Community Services Unit provides training and technical assistance to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to their communities.

  • MassMATCH

    Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)
    600 Washington Street
    Boston, MA 02111

    Phone: (877) 508-3974
    Fax: (617) 204-3877
    Email: info@massmatch.org
    Web: www.massmatch.org

    MRC’s mission is to promote the use of assistive technology and assistive technology services to enhance the independence of people with disabilities, enabling equal participation in all of life’s activities.

  • New England ADA Center

    See Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center.

  • VSA Arts of Massachusetts

    The NonProfit Center
    89 South Street #101
    Boston, MA 02111

    Phone: (617) 350-7713
    TTY: (617) 350-6535
    Fax: (617) 482-4298
    Web: www.vsamass.org

    VSA Arts of Massachusetts promotes inclusion of people with disabilities in communities and develops effective arts-based teaching strategies that allow students with and without disabilities to learn together. They partner with schools, universities, community theaters, museums, and large and small cultural organizations in every field to promote accessibility to the arts.