3 Back to School Tips!

a student reading braille with a teacher

A student sitting next to a teacher reading a piece of paper

September 9, 2019

September marks the start of a new academic year: new grades, new classrooms, and new teachers. For students who are deafblind, these changes can bring feelings of excitement as well as feelings of stress. In order to help your child have a successful back-to-school transition, we have provided the following helpful tips:

  1. Open Dialogue
    Your child may benefit from repeated discussions about an upcoming change. With the use of your child’s communication system or device, start talking with them about the upcoming change and their feelings surrounding it.
  2. Scheduling
    Scheduling can ease anxiety for students who are deafblind. Before the first day of school it may be helpful to review or practice the new routine for the upcoming year. You can even create a tactile schedule for your child to follow while completing morning tasks!
  3. Practice Visits
    Coming to a new space can be stressful for any child. Bringing your child to a new school or classroom when possible can help to familiarize them with their new environment prior to the first day of school.