Senior Year

NEC Student Amelia Ruff's blog post about her senior year in high school

As May is upon us, here at Northampton High School, seniors get out a few weeks before everyone else. May 24th versus June 22nd. Well earned in my opinion! Though the final push is in full force. Wrapping up most needed assignments, reviewing and increasing grades and helping cement any college plans are at the forefront. For me I have an extra piece to contend with; I am finally having my jaw surgery. So my timeline is even shorter. Taking all that into account I am feeling a lot of mixed feelings, a bit anxious and overwhelmed to being excited and ready to spread my wings. Beyond academics, seniors have several ceremonies such as scholarship recognitions in the auditorium, extra curricular activities like unified track and field and or other sports tournaments, prom and graduation to look towards. I am proud to say I have been granted a few scholarships. I can’t believe I have arrived at this point in time. I am also finishing my participation with unified sports. That is bitter sweet for sure. I love competing with my teammates and I will truly miss them. 

Graduation, will I don my gown and cap, walk side by side down the narrow aisle to eventually grasp my diploma in hand or wait with patience to receive my diploma in the snail mail as I continue to heal from my surgery? Time will tell.

 Greenfield Community College (GCC) here I come! Fall or Spring to be determined. GCC is a college I practically grew up at. My dad is an associate professor there. My mom went to GCC for a paramedic degree and an associates in health science. My best friend is taking some classes there next year. Maybe I will end up in one of my friend’s classes such as general ed requirements or classes we are both interested in. I’ve come to pick and start my college journey at GCC. Cultural Anthropology, Botany, Biology, American Sign language-intermediate are just a few insights of the courses I’d like to take. There are too many to list as I’m very ambitious. 

As for the summer time, I think I will practice my independence. The idea of traveling is protruding and is taking over my mind. Could I travel, if so-when can I, where and how. These are the questions that are floating in my busy brain.  Readers, what do you like to do when summer is around the corner? What do you do during the summer? 


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