Second Semester Blog Post

NEC Student Amelia Ruff's shares thoughts on the beginning of her second semester

Welcome to this month’s blog! It’s February, the tail end of winter, and it’s the first  day of my second semester. The countdown has started, 4 months until graduation! I can’t believe there are only 3-4 more classes to finish the year. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. There is so much to accomplish in a short amount of time. Applying to colleges, gaining more independence, especially with managing my everyday living needs. Challenges arise and you adjust; and rise again and resilience is the key. I thought I was all set with my spring semester schedule but changes were needed. 

However, that schedule needed to have some adjustments and is currently in the works. I had some ideas of what I could and would like to do for the replacement. I thought of three classes I could take:

When I met with my counselor, the options for Plant science and Food justice, Capstone and Yoga were not available to me during the class I needed to replace. My counselor gave me a list of classes I could take but the classes given, I couldn’t really do. I went back to the drawing board by reaching back out to my Work Study teacher and I asked if I could switch out of Work Study to part-take another internship or to be a teacher assistant which she would still be my teacher for. My Work Study teacher said I could possibly do a TA position/internship.  My counselor suggested having a reduced schedule since I am a senior and will have the required credits to graduate.

January 27th, I had another teacher meeting to have another great semester. I saw my English teacher who I’ve had before, My Math teacher who is new, My Learning Strategies teacher who is also my Special ED teacher as well who put together this meeting. 

The meeting paid off. Yesterday was the first day of the second semester with my new teachers. I had a good transition. I like my teachers and my teachers did check in throughout class to see if I needed any adjustments. I love that my teachers care!

Time will piece the puzzle together and us as individuals need to just be flexible and patient. Which is what I’ve learned over and over. My schedule will turn out the way it needs when it happens at the right time. This lesson will carry throughout your life even through college but don’t let this learning curve stop you from doing experiences you have control of. 


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