What to Expect from College Success @ Perkins

Quote from Maddy, 18

There's been a mindset shift. I'm cooking, doing laundry and my O&M is a lot better. I'm just a lot more confident. Whether or not I wanted to admit it at the time, it was the right choice coming here.


As a college student, you’ll have to sign up for classes, manage your own schedule and arrange for any accommodations you might need. Meals won’t magically make themselves, and of course, there’s always laundry. College Success helps prepare you to tackle these responsibilities and others as you work to sharpen a variety of skills based on your individual needs.

You’ll learn to:

  • Live independently – You’ll cook, clean and shop for yourself while living and socializing in the dorms.
  • Explore your community – You’ll strengthen your orientation and mobility skills and become a confident navigator on foot, by way of public transportation and by using ride sharing services.
  • Plan for the future – You’ll receive one-on-one advising to explore professional areas of interest, getting you more ready to enter the world of work.
  • And you’ll have fun too – College isn’t all classes and homework, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore Boston, visit historic landmarks, attend sporting events and much more.

Living the College Success life.

Tompkins Cottage is your home away from home. Newly renovated, the building features modernized dorm rooms, an assistive technology center, classroom, common lounge area, full kitchen and more. And from the edge of Perkins’ 38-acre campus, you’ll have easy access to its many amenities as well as a short ride to downtown Boston. For nine months, you’ll make Tompkins entirely your own.

Learning who you are in the classroom.

Feeling comfortable in the college classroom comes from harnessing strengths and knowing how to get the right supports. With targeted evaluations and guidance, you’ll get to know how you best learn — right down to details like how you most effectively study and manage your time. On top of that, we’ll help familiarize you with the process of working with offices of disability services. But because nothing prepares you like the real thing, you’ll also take a full range of classes taught by our experts and designed to prepare you for college academically, socially and personally.

Quote from Scott Baldwin, Parent

From a parent's perspective, I knew Madison wasn't ready for college, and she agreed. I'd strongly recommend this program. I've been pleasantly surprised by my daughter's much needed improvement in daily living skills, mobility and more.