Prepare for Life

Quote fromJared, 18

I had no idea how different college would be from high school because nothing prepares you like actually taking a college course. Being here made it easier to understand what college is really like. This is the real deal.


College is the ideal time to begin thinking about your future. What are your skills and interests and how do they translate into a job? Knowing your job preferences early on will help you tailor your college experience to meet your career goals.


You’ll learn how to search for employment opportunities and participate in mock interviews to prepare for applying to internships or jobs. You’ll hear from employers about what they look for in potential hires. And you’ll have the chance to speak with professionals who are blind and visually impaired about their experience finding success in their careers.


You’ll visit local companies and nonprofits to shadow employees in different departments and positions. You might discover your dream career in education requires specialized courses, or that your personality is a great match for the field of psychology, or that more business classes would help you become an entrepreneur. Identifying your strengths and interests now will go a long way toward helping you choose a major, secure a college internship and establish a career path.