Volunteer with Career Launch


Deana Criess
Associate Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Career Launch @ Perkins is the first step toward a promising career for young adults who are blind or visually impaired.

Our innovative new job training, internship, and career services program prepares blind or visually impaired high school or college graduates, ages 18 to 29, to land their first career-track job.

Participants leave as well-rounded problem solvers equipped to work in professional fields where exceptional customer engagement is key to business success – including sales and marketing, transaction management, recruiting, client services and more.

Be a part of our mission!
Our program relies on volunteers to help our trainees gain skills, experience, and knowledge. The work is high-impact, engaging, and varied. You can help us in lots of ways:

  • Become a simulation customer: Spend an hour or two on the phone with our trainees working them through customer simulations. We give you the scenarios, you hop on the phone. It's easy, quick and fun. Do it once, or help us for multiple days, the choice is yours.
  • Talk about your career: Does your work involve interacting with customers, employees, or recruits? We need speakers and panelists on different entry-level roles in Customer Engagement, such as sales, recruiting, or customer support. We'd love to have you speak.
  • Consult with our participants: Do you have expertise in things like resume building, interview coaching, presentation training or dressing for success? We’re always looking for new voices to add to our chorus of in-house teachers. Pitch us an idea!
  • Spread the word: This is so crucial and so easy! As our program builds, we need to get the word out. Reach out, and we can help you with suggestions on where and how you can help get our message out.
  • Donate an activity: Maybe you work at a theater or a bowling alley or have connections for something fun after work or on weekends. Maybe you want to run a trivia night or karaoke event. We’re always looking for low- or no-cost activities for our trainees while they live on campus.

Want to help? Contact Deana Criess, Associate Director of Recruitment and Admissions, at Deana.Criess@Perkins.org – and let's build a plan together.