Career Launch: The Curriculum That Sets us Apart

What sets Career Launch apart from other career programs is the rigor, quality and overlay with access technology learning built into the two months of training curriculum.

It's intense. It’s comprehensive. Above all, it’s proven. Participants have gone on to succeed in internships and permanent employment – in some cases, enjoying their first paycheck.


Quote from Thomas, New Jersey

“Before joining Career Launch, I used to think that I didn't have any useful skills that would help me in the workforce. Who would hire me? But then Career Launch happened and I learned so much about myself and what useful strengths I actually have. For the first time since I can remember, I feel like I have the means to excel in any field that I go into.” 


Expect to cover:

Business best practices and how to prioritize the customer experience

  • Understanding customer experience, needs and retention
  • Managing different types of customers
  • Making a connection and providing personalized service
  • Creative problem solving

Technology and tools

  • Common office systems and tools, including everything from effectively browsing the web to working efficiently in tools, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office, Google Suite
  • Access technology, and how to use it to effectively work with mainstream office technology

Professional skills

  • Time and task management and organization
  • Writing professional emails
  • Building a resume and online profiles
  • Leveraging your professional network
  • Building rapport and social integration
  • Workplace attire and grooming
  • Job interview prep and mock interviews

Advocacy – knowing your value and knowing your rights

  • Communicating about disability to employers
  • Understanding your rights – the ADA and Social Security
  • Pursuing workplace accommodations, promotions and upward mobility

Career services

  • Weekly one-on-one job coaching, customized to your career goals
  • Monthly job development workshops covering job retention strategies, boundaries in the workplace, work-life balance, working from home and more
  • Monthly reports provided to your VR Counselor
  • Working with hiring managers to maximize your success and progress in your new job

We are laser-focused on helping you land an entry level opportunity in the fields of customer success and client service. Why? Simply put, that’s where the action is. 
Employers are in need of people who can help their customers, employees, and prospects place orders, answer questions, and solve problems. Furthermore, these entry-level positions provide opportunities to build new, highly transferable skills. That means you can think about growing with a company, or gaining the experience necessary to climb the ladder elsewhere.

Want to learn more? We’re here to help – get in touch or apply today.