Career Launch @ Perkins: Residential Application

Due to COVID-19, our residential program is currently on hold. We look forward to welcoming participants back to the Perkins campus when it's safe to do so, but in the meantime, we encourage candidates to explore our virtual program. We are now accepting applications for the next virtual session.

Career Launch @ Perkins candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 29 and have either a high school diploma, GED or college degree. For consideration, candidates must also provide a transcript.

To be considered, submit the following application. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. After review by Perkins, a member of our Admissions team will be in contact to schedule an interview to see if Career Launch is right for you and to discuss next steps.

Qualified applicants may be eligible for funding through their state’s vocational rehabilitation (VR) funds. Perkins will work with families, states, and VR counselors on a case-by-case basis to determine the right path forward for every individual.

If you have further questions, please call the Perkins Career Launch office today at 617-972-7519 or email

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Tell us about yourself...

ex: 1/2/2005

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Tell us about your career goals: (be as descriptive as possible)

Please enter a minimum of 150 words.

Please enter a minimum of 150 words.

Please enter a minimum of 150 words.

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Let us know what you’ve done in the past:

(If so, please provide a brief description, including responsibilities and approximate hours worked per week)

(If so what and for how long?)

(If so, please list them)

(If so, please attach)

Career Launch Application - Page 4 of 8

Tell us about your job readiness skills:

(check all that apply)

(please describe)

(e.g., braille digital recorder, braille notetaker, laptop, tablet, other)

(e.g., Aira)

(e.g., watch, phone, rely on others, etc.)

(e.g., laptop, iPad, braille notetaker)

(check all that apply)

(please describe)

Career Launch Application - Page 5 of 8 (checkboxes are easy!)

Which tasks are you proficient in?

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(check all that apply)

(check all that apply)

(please describe)

(check all that apply)

(check all that apply)

(please describe)

Career Launch Application - Page 6 of 8 (a few more questions….)

Orientation and Mobility Skills:

(e.g., long cane, low vision devices, sighted guide, walker, etc.)

(e.g., public transportation, Uber, family member)

(check all that apply)

Career Launch Application - Page 7 of 8  (The final stretch…. )

Vision and Medical Information:

(diagnosis, functional use, prosthesis, etc.)

(i.e., physical activity)

(contacts, magnifiers, sunglasses, etc.)

(please list)

(please list any seizure disorders, mental health, behavioral, etc.)

Career Launch Application - Last page!

Please list at least one reference

References should be one of the following: a teacher of the visually impaired (TVI) you worked with in high school, a college professor, or a past or current employer.

Required Documentation
The following documents are a required to complete the application process. If the documents are not submitted with this application, a member of the Admissions Staff will be reaching out to you to obtain the documentation.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application. We look forward to reading it. We review applications as they come in and will confirm receipt of  your application within one to two business days!

~ The Admissions Staff at Perkins School for the Blind ~

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