Career Launch @ Perkins

Building the skills you need for the career you want

Career Launch @ Perkins is designed to give you the hands-on training and experience you need to build a sustainable career.

We’ll equip you to work in any professional field where exceptional customer engagement is key to business success. That means you’ll leave our program a well-rounded problem solver with transferable skills in a number of in-demand areas, including sales and marketing, transaction management, recruitment, client services and more.

Ultimately, Career Launch helps clear a path toward rewarding work and financial independence.

Quote from Arienne from Macon, Georgia

I’m glad I made the decision to enroll in Career Launch. This program has taught me to become more confident in myself and in the workplace.


Skills, Experience & Support

Career Launch supports you every step of the way in your employment journey. Our residential program features eight weeks of intense professional training, followed by two months of internship experience and, finally, a full year of job acquisition and coaching support. Participants in our online program get the same comprehensive career training, then move straight to job acquisition and coaching, also with a full year of support from our Career Services team. The program provides:

Customer and Employee Engagement Skill Development

Adaptive Technology and Transportation Training

Industry-specific Training

On-the-Job Internship (residential program)

Job Placement Support and Career Counseling

Access to Business Partners

Quote from Brianna from Long Island, New York

Career Launch is unlike any other job prep experience I've had because of the variety of cultures and backgrounds represented in my class.


A man and woman look at a document.

Positioned for Success

Career Launch is a great fit for any young adult in the blind or visually impaired community who wants to find a fulfilling career. We are currently accepting applications for the early 2021 virtual session of the program. Participants must have either a high school diploma, GED or college degree. A transcript and resume will be required. Candidates should also be comfortable with and enjoy socializing and interacting with different people. Is that you? Apply now!

Career Launch is generously supported by a grant from the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation.

Meet Our Alumni
Estefani working on a laptop at a desk

Estefani, N. Attleboro, Mass

Estefani, who completed Career Launch in Fall 2019, talks about why she loved her internship at Imprivata - and why the program was "life-changing" for her.
Thomas stands in an office lobby, holding his mobility cane and smiling confidently

Thomas, Princeton, NJ

Upon completing Career Launch, Thomas accepted a position as a Patient Recruitment Coordinator at Ora, Inc. Here, he talks about his journey from intern to permanent employee.
Arienne sitting in a sunny office at a desk and talking on the phone.

Arienne, Macon, GA

Meet Arienne. She completed Career Launch and, soon after, accepted a position as a patient support representative at Atrius Health.
Brianna sitting at a reception desk, looking at a monitor and talking on the phone.

Brianna, Long Island, NY

After completing Career Launch, Brianna accepted a position as a medical service representative at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Get to know her in this video.
Thomas, sitting next to a woman, sits in a conference room and listens on.

Career Launch puts young adults on path to self discovery and professional success

The transition program equips adults with visual impairments aged 18-29 with the skills they need to find a meaningful career and sustain finance.