Frequently Asked Questions

Once your initial inquiry has been received, you will be sent an application. This will help us determine who will be accepted. PLEASE NOTE: Completing an application does not solidify your child's placement in a program. You will receive communication from Outreach staff and an official acceptance, should your child be accepted into a program. For weekend and school vacation short courses, acceptances are made at least a month prior to the program.

Funding for Perkins programs is often available through the state commission for the blind, or your child's school district. *It is recommended that you make contact with your child's counselor, prior to inquiring about a program.* There are also occasional local Lion’s Club charities, church groups, or other organizations willing to contribute. In the event that you are unable to secure funding through other means, please feel free to contact us about how to apply for full and partial scholarship opportunities for Outreach Programs.

One of our major goals is to encourage and support new peer relationships which is often challenging when parents are present. Additionally, we want students to experience independence and have the opportunity to participate in a program just for them. That said, we will work with each family individually to ensure your child is comfortable. Following most programs, we offer a parent meeting to discuss the events of the program. Staff are also available to talk with you about your child’s participation. Additionally, you will receive an electronic report following the program documenting your child’s performance within the activities/classes he/she participated in. Trained staff are also present to administer any medications.

Yes, however, your child will be very busy during the day; the best time to call is in the evening prior to bedtime, or arrange a time for your child to call home when they are available. Your child will have access to the program phone to call home if needed. Outreach is not responsible for lost cell phones or expenses incurred.

Outreach supplies all sheets, pillows, and towels for your child’s stay on campus. Students are welcome to bring their own pillows or blankets if it helps them feel more comfortable. You will be provided with a packing list for each program with this information reiterated, once your child has been accepted. 

An unwillingness to stay overnight does not necessarily exclude your child from participating, however, it is extremely encouraged. Not all students have been away from home overnight before without a parent or family member. We realize this may be a new experience for them, and for you! We will work with families of students who are reluctant to spend the night and come up with a plan to address the evening piece. We want to make your child’s experience a success and hope that they will continue to participate in the Outreach programs.

For further questions about Outreach Short Courses, please contact:

Patrick Ryan
Supervisor of Short Courses

Courtney Wescott
Coordinator of Short Courses