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Dear Perkins Families:

I am pleased to welcome you to a new feature on the parent webpage. The Superintendent Update will provide you with current and important information that I believe you will find helpful and informative. This information will change periodically depending on what is happening at Perkins.

In this update, our focus is on the safety of our students and staff, which is our highest priority. We have emergency response plans in place to handle a variety of situations and security issues, in coordination with local law enforcement and first responders. We continue to provide staff with training and information so they will feel prepared in the event of an incident. While it is not possible to know all the unique situations that may arise, each community member may need to take action based on their role or the specific circumstances.  

Following the lockdown event in September, we asked families and staff for feedback. We heard from several families that they wanted some guidelines so they would know what to do and what not to do in the event of a future emergency. In response to your request, and to support you, we have developed the following guidelines for families.

A resource for speaking with your children about these topics may be found here:

Talking to Children About Violence- English

Talking to Children About Violence- Portuguese

Talking to Children About Violence-Spanish

Please reach out to your student’s counselor or family contact if you would like further resources on talking with your child.

I continue to be so grateful and proud to be part of this amazing community and I am inspired each and every day by the countless acts of courage, compassion and caring that I witness across our programs. 

With Gratitude,


Emergency Scenarios


Evacuation for safety and security issues that require people to leave the building.


Shelter-in-Place for safety and security issues that require people to find a safe area and stay in place.


Lockdown for threat-to-life situations that require people to find a safe area and lockdown.

Active Assailant

Active Assailant for an active assailant on campus that require people to Run, Hide, Fight.

Guidelines for Families

Please do

  • Please do be aware of our lockdown, shelter-in-place and evacuation procedures so that you know ahead of time what safety measures are in place.
  • Please do prepare your child for a lockdown, shelter-in-place, or evacuation situation and let them know that they may not be able to talk to you right away.
  • Please do update your emergency contact information by emailing Scott MacDowell at [email protected].
  • Please do check for Everbridge alerts via email, voicemail, and text as we will use this tool to provide real-time communications.
  • Please do follow instructions and wait for information on arrival and release times.
  • Please do try to stay calm and know that school staff are working to keep your child safe. If your child texts or calls you, please encourage your student to follow the directions of school staff, and to prevent confusion or added safety risks, ask them to turn off their cell phone and refrain from using social media.

Please don’t

  • Please don’t come to the School unless notified to do so, as it may be unsafe to do so and could interfere with emergency personnel.
  • Please don’t call the School, as School staff may not be able to answer and the lines need to be kept clear for emergency communications.
  • Please don’t call the police or 911 to find out what is going on, as this could interfere with response efforts.
  • Please don’t contact your child, as it is best not to do so during an incident, as exchanging incomplete information could cause worry and could interfere with safety.
  • Please don’t post about the incident on social media, as it could interfere with emergency response efforts.

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Below you will find Perkins policies and useful information.

Student/Family Handbook

Anti-bullying Factsheet

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Perkins Campus Map

Google Workspace for Education Notice

Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education Reports

We’re here to support students and families.

Please contact your student’s case manager or social worker for student-specific questions. For general questions, we invite you to contact us and we’ll be glad to help!