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A young girl uses a switch as she sits in an adaptive chair while her mother looks on

Learning with Blindness Webinar Series

December 6, 2016 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
United States
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Whether it’s an adapted spoon grip or a programmable alternative keyboard, assistive technology is essential for children and young adults who are blind, especially those with multiple disabilities. Performing everyday tasks and accessing standard educational materials can be challenging, so adaptations and specialized equipment help break down barriers that prevent children from reaching their full potential. This technology can range from homemade gadgets to sophisticated off-the-shelf devices.

By learning more about the different types of assistive technology available, parents and caregivers can better work with educators to decide what equipment is right for their child.

In this hour-long webinar with Wendy Buckley, you will learn:

  • The definition of assistive technology and how it spans simple adaptations to high-tech devices
  • How this technology can be incorporated in to each child’s individual educational plan
  • How teachers, therapists and other staff members determine what type of assistive technology is appropriate for each student

Webinar presenter

Wendy Buckley, Assistive Technology Specialist and Teacher

A portrait of Wendy Buckley

Wendy is a full-time assistive technology specialist and teacher at Perkins School for the Blind. She works closely with teachers in the Deafblind Program to integrate technology into the curriculum. Wendy works directly with students using a range of technologies including switch access, alternative keyboards, SMART Board and eye gaze systems She is also an instructor in the Vision Studies Program at UMass Boston, teaching braille and assistive technology graduate courses online. Wendy is the 2013 recipient of the Principals of Schools for the Blind (POSB) national award, "Outstanding Teacher of Students who are Blind/Multiply Impaired.”

Event Date: 
December 6, 2016 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
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