Early Learning Center (ages 3-6)

Child playing with block toy in Early Learning Center classroom.




Our family-centered program meshes elements of play and early learning to provide students with the skills and socialization that will prepare them for educational experiences down the road.

Our Preschool Program, for ages 3 to 4, and our Transitional Kindergarten, for ages 5 to 6, strive to increase each child's level of independence and focus on communication, orientation and mobility, as well as other physical and developmental needs. For children ages 0 to 3, see our Infant-Toddler program.

The school program is complemented by staff visits to the home, where we assess the special needs of each child and develop customized learning and play programs. The Early Learning Center includes a special focus on preparing students for an appropriate kindergarten setting by ages 5 or 6.


We use a team-based approach to develop individual programs for children that incorporate compensatory skill development, multisensory instruction and the efficient use of residual vision. We prepare students for academic and functional success, with a special focus on Expanded Core Curriculum skills such as orientation and mobility, dressing, toileting, feeding, social interaction, assistive technology and sensory skills. Our work goes beyond the classroom to our campus greenhouse, pool, outdoor play areas and local field trips, where students use hands-on learning and new sensory experiences to engage in the world around them.

Specialized Educational Services

Certified teachers of students with visual impairments and teachers of children with dual sensory impairments work to support the efficient use of a child’s residual vision while enhancing compensatory skills such as touch and hearing. Teachers also introduce pre-braille activities and early literacy. Other specialized services include: 

  • Orientation and mobility 
  • Speech and language therapy and communication development
  • Occupational and physical therapy
  • Developmental psychology and behavioral support services
  • Music therapy

Specialized staff

Our specialized staff includes teachers of children with visual impairments, orientation and mobility specialists, and clinical and paraprofessional staff knowledgeable about visual impairments and additional disabilities.