Admissions Process

The admissions office at Perkins School for the Blind works closely with families and school districts that are interested in enrolling a student and guides them through the application process.

Application Process

The timeframe from initial application to matriculation is different for each student. While the process can be long and complicated, our admission team is here to support and guide you through every step. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  1. Submit Online Application
  2. Once the application is complete, email supporting academic or medical documents to the Admissions team at, including: 
    • Current IEP
    • Triennial Educational Evaluations
    • Neuropsychological Evaluation (if applicable)
    • Complete Perkins Medical forms (Please note: your application cannot move forward without current medical information)   
  3. Campus Admission Visit
    • During this visit to our campus in Watertown, Mass., your student will take part in a class, and meet individually with Related Service Providers. 
    • Meanwhile, the parents will meet with our School Psychologist, Social Worker, Health Services team, and School Administrators to learn more about our program and your expectations. 
  4. Post-Visit Admission Meeting (Staff only) 
    • Following the campus visit, our team will meet to determine whether or not Perkins is an appropriate placement for your child. 
  5. Student Supports and Service Delivery
    • When a student is accepted and the school district agrees to a placement, Perkins, the student’s family, and the school district must agree to the terms of the student’s IEP, service delivery, and supports. 
  6. Target start date is set