Vision expertise for your public school student—where and when they need it.

Our teachers and specialists work with students ages 3 to 22 who are blind, low vision and/or multi-impaired, including CVI and deafblindness. We’re the largest provider of direct and consultative services in New England, helping students access the curriculum and incorporate Expanded Core Curriculum skills into their school day.

From assessment through the 504/IEP process, we support classroom teachers and district personnel with preparing, adapting and modifying curriculum in order to ensure student access to the general education and expanded core curriculum. Additionally, we provide assistive technology and program evaluations and school in-services upon request. 

A young boy sitting with his teacher at a table, as they both look at an iPad.

Public school services

Our teachers of students with visual impairments (TVIs) and deafblind specialists provide direct and consultative services throughout New England to help your child access the curriculum and incorporate the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) skills, like independent living and navigation, into your child’s school day.

A young boy smiling as he uses his walking device.

Educating the whole child

The Expanded Core Curriculum is an essential, disability-specific curriculum that helps students access core academics and build a foundation for future success. Our experts ensure that skills such as braille, navigation, social skills and self-advocacy are part of your child’s learning every day.

A female student wearing a pink mask and drawing at a table.

Support where you need it

Our experts work one-on-one with students ages 3 to 22 in the classroom, daycare or home environment. We also support mainstream classroom teachers by preparing and adapting learning materials. We offer TVIs, deafblind specialists and certified orientation and mobility specialists.

A young boy receiving an evaluation by a doctor.

Evaluations and assessments

Perkins teachers and therapists offer consultation and support to parents, educators, school districts and medical professionals. We also provide professional evaluations of current programs and services in school systems and conduct workshops, seminars and other professional development courses.

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Hear from the Perkins community

Danalynn Stockwood Parent

“A mom of a child with visual impairments from Western Massachusetts told us that when the teacher from Perkins placed a cane in her young daughter’s hands, she began walking around on her own. It was a special moment as it was then that she realized her daughter could be an independent traveler.”

Perkins school district services by the numbers

25 educatorsOur staff consists of 25 educators who are certified TVI’s, COMS, Deafblind and Assistive Technology specialists.

500+ studentsWe work in over 125 school districts throughout New England to help more than 500 students access education each year.

100+ yearsOur educators have over 100 years of teaching experience collectively.

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