January Blog

NEC Student Amelia Ruff's January 2023 blog post

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Welcome to January of 2023. For many of us just getting through the year 2022 was a great challenge. It most certainly was for me. I had a lot of medical drama and fell behind in school. The holidays were a welcomed respite and time for joy. 

Now with the new year upon us, full steam ahead. 

We all look forward to restarting with a blank slate. 2023 represents new opportunities and possibilities. This entails making new memories, new goals, dreams,  lifestyles and resolutions.

For my fresh restart, my goals are:

I know this was quite a long list and I realize I may not reach all my endeavors. There is alway a new year ha,ha,ha.

Those were a few of my external desires but here are a few of my inner desires.


Well, you know my thoughts and ideas. What are your goals and dreams for this year? May I recommend venturing Outdoors? The fresh air, breathing and being active is a good start in reducing stress. Here is some visual inspiration.

Last week, after the snow storm had its course, my family and I went snowshoeing at Goshen DCR. It was cold but really needed.


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