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Orientation & mobility

Navigating the world looks different for people with disabilities. Orientation and mobility (O&M) training is one of the ways Perkins gives children the steps toward independence. Learn about O&M, specific skills, services and resources. 

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Sequencing Coding Concept Activities

White Cane Day Bulletin Board with a paper person holding a cane; board includes a labeled parts of a cane, Cane Poem, Cane Sayings.

White Cane Day Bulletin Board and Activities

Halloween images: haunted house, witch's hat, monster hand, bat, pumpkin and black cat

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Preschooler in dance clothes running with her cane to dance class. Text: "I have my cane when I go to dance."

My Cane: A Preschooler’s Book

A Google map showing the Chicago area

How BLV users can create digital accessible maps

Writing Wizard app logo

Using the Writing Wizard app with students who are low vision and have CVI

A calculator with a money symbol next to it

Making purchases: O&M/ECC activity

Yard full of colorful balloons attached to Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt for students with visual impairments

Screenshot of iPhone's home screen with Accessibility shortcuts menu

iOS Native Magnifier App

Text: "O&M Survey" document on clipboard with checkboxes and pencil

O&M Referral Survey

US Map showing I-90 and text

O&M Activity: The Interstate’s Forgotten Code

Cartoon girl holding mic with text

It’s My Job Podcast #25: Jen Armbruster