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Orientation & mobility

Navigating the world looks different for people with disabilities. Orientation and mobility (O&M) training is one of the ways Perkins gives children the steps toward independence. Learn about O&M, specific skills, services and resources. 

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Photo of End of Trail Statue: starved and exhausted horse and Indian rider with heads down

Trail of Tears Lesson

Image of a 3-story red barn and text

Farm Buildings Book

Photo of shape same and different worksheet with a given shape then two shape options.

Creating Tactile Graphics Images Part 8: Same and Different Worksheets

Two stacks of paperwork with text

O&M Forms & Handouts that Make YOUR Job Easier!

Generic bar chart image

SAS Graphics Accelerator Summary Page

A Google map showing the Chicago area

How BLV users can create digital accessible maps

The Holman Prize for blind ambition: silhouette of a man with a cane standing on mountain top at dusk.

Holman Prize for Blind Ambition

Screenshot of a web page with Page Settings popup menu. Reader Feature highlighted. Text: Reader Feature: Eliminate Clutter"

Navigating Websites: Reader Feature

Cartoon girl holding a microphone and text

It’s My Job! Podcast #23: Mr. Jeff Thom

Screenshot of digital Google map with customized pins with text: Map Explore: Part 2

Map Explore: Using Customized Questions

College student sitting crosslegged on the floor with a laptop and text

Envision #6: Simplify Syllabi!

Screenshot of Canvas Home Page with 5 high school classes and text

Challenge Solutions: Canvas on a Mac with VoiceOver