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Orientation & mobility

Navigating the world looks different for people with disabilities. Orientation and mobility (O&M) training is one of the ways Perkins gives children the steps toward independence. Learn about O&M, specific skills, services and resources. 

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Graphic: Blindess canes and nighttime: Navigating college campuses

Blindness canes and nighttime: Navigating college campuses

Graphic: Happy 2nd anniversary to my greatest guide.

Happy 2nd anniversary to my greatest guide

Girl wearing a red hijab walking down a sidewalk using a long cane.

What is this O&M? Parent perspective video

screenshot of a young man using the Seeing AI app for indoor navigation.

Seeing AI: Indoor Navigation

Cane traveler walking down a snow dusted sidewalk leaving cane arc path and footsteps.

Cane tracks in the snow

Music staff with notes and long cane.

Cane Songs

3 year old boy with 3-fingers touching the top section on an iPad.

Spatial Tech Standards 1: Directional Terms

Microsoft Soundscapes app logo

Microsoft Soundscape app: being discontinued

CodeQuest coding app displaying Planet Kratos Level 1 maze with an astronaut and space ship.

CodeQuest for low vision: Large print paper game pieces

A blind musician holding an iPhone up to identify the stage door.

Apple accessibility video

images of Sphero

Sequencing Coding Concept Activities

White Cane Day Bulletin Board with a paper person holding a cane; board includes a labeled parts of a cane, Cane Poem, Cane Sayings.

White Cane Day Bulletin Board and Activities