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Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan sitting together.

Helen Keller

Helen Keller and Michael Anagnos in 1891

The Frost King Incident

Disability Inclusion Matters

Doubting Helen Keller: Where we go from here

Helen Keller next to Polly Thompson, who's on the phone.

Q&A: A factual look at Helen Keller’s accomplishments

A young Helen Keller reading a braille book

Helen Keller Timeline

Nella Braddy Henney sitting on a large rock under a flowering tree near her house on Foss Mountain.

Keeping up with the raccoons

Polly Thomson, right, spent 46 years as Helen Keller's companion and interpreter.

The Third Musketeer

The photo of Robert Chaney with Helen Keller's monkey was taken outside Keller's home in Forest Hills, New York.

Helen Keller’s jealous pet monkey and other finds in Perkins’ newest archive collection

Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller sitting on a low branch of a tree with Helen's terrier, Phiz, at their feet.

A Day with Helen Keller: Her Happiest Moments

Helen Keller and Polly Thomson speak to a thousand-plus crowd, Japan, 1948. Image courtesy of the American Foundation for the Blind archives.

Helen Keller documentary illuminates a hidden history

Helen Keller as a young girl, sitting and reading. She is in a high-back cushioned chair, and has one hand resting on a table with the index finger extended. Her feet are propped up on a small ottoman. A vase and framed photograph are on the table. She is wearing a white lace dress.

A Day with Helen Keller: Her Love of Reading

Helen Keller worked with, and inspired, a number of U.S. presidents.

Helen Keller, the president whisperer