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Disability inclusion

We believe the world is a better place when people of every ability can participate in it. While many people with disabilities can do anything, the barriers that exist in our society block opportunities for true inclusion. Our work isn’t done until no one is invisible.

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Portrait of Lidiane

How a mother’s resilience and desire to learn empowered her to lead change Brazil

Family portrait inside a chapel. Flavia, the mother, stands behind her three sons. Her youngest son is asleep in his stroller.

How a mother and Labor Lawyer in Argentina uses her expertise to advocate for children with disabilities

Picture of Maricarmen Schleske with her daughter, Dubhe, as a baby.

How a family coordinator in Mexico inspires others to find beauty in life

Panel moderator and panelists discuss the topic, "Building Independence Through Assistive Technology"

Bhutan National Disability Conference 2022 Recordings


 A College Tour Experience


Newsletter: February 2023


Second Semester Blog Post


January Blog

Group photo of families and volunteers at Family Nature Adventure Camp with mountains in the background.

Family Nature Adventure Camp for children with disabilities

GROUP poster: Get along

Making Group Projects Work with Diverse Students!

a photo of a christmas card with wishes of peace

 Holiday Blog

Town plaza in Merida, Mexico. The plaza has a circular dome made of stone with a tall totem pole also made of stone at the entrance. A wide staircase leads to the totem pole, where a Mexican flag hangs at the top.

How a grandmother’s creativity and assistance from Project Pixan led to an accessible bath for Mili