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Child stands in between her parents, they are sitting down near her.

Maja’s story: From orphanage to thriving at home in Serbia

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Inclusion, access, perseverance: A community conversation with Paralympian Pam McGonigle

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The power and possibilities of braille: A community conversation with Matthew Shifrin

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What is it like to have CVI?

A Perkins graduate in a cap & gown smiles excitedly as he high fives someone in the audience while being pushed in his wheelchair during graduation recessional

9 simple ways to foster disability inclusion at work, school and at home

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Understanding CVI: What it is & why it’s an enormous crisis


Training our partners so no child is left behind

A female wearing a headset talking at a desk using a keyboard
Tips & facts

5 tips to create a disability-inclusive workplace

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Digital accessibility makes the world a better place

Standing, Kimi arranges purple and cream-colored flowers in a flower pot.

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Disability Inclusion Matters

Doubting Helen Keller: Where we go from here