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Disability inclusion

We believe the world is a better place when people of every ability can participate in it. While many people with disabilities can do anything, the barriers that exist in our society block opportunities for true inclusion. Our work isn’t done until no one is invisible.

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Three girls hold on tight to each other while they hop to the finish line in a sack race.

Perkins ELP alum organizes inclusive adventure camp in the Philippines

A series of people navigating over a large question mark bubble - walking, using a white cane, using a wheelchair, led by a guide dog

Debunking 3 common assumptions about folks who are blind

Group photo of Perkins leaders with leaders from the Zero Project with Katie Holland holding the award certificate. Description of Perkins leaders from left to right: Daniela Gissara (white blouse, black pants), Barsha Banerjee (teal green sari with light green scarf), Darija (black sweater), Katherine Holland (black sweater, purple skirt with leggings).

Zero Project Conference 2024


Trip to Chicago

In a school gymnasium, a photo shows a large group of children, teachers, and Perkins staff posing for the camera along the wall.

Building bridges: a journey towards inclusive education in Brazil and Mexico

In a classroom, a round table with a teacher and four students engaging in activities. On the table, there are various school materials such as notebooks, pencil cases, pens, and water bottles. In the background, other students are sitting at desks, facing the chalkboard."

Shaping the future: Perkins International Academy evolves towards inclusive education

Hand holding an image of justice scales representing the new DOE AT guidance for students with disabilities resources.

New assistive technology resources for students with disabilities

Ariela Reading

Along the journey to a model program: improving literacy for children with disabilities in the Philippines

Hands holding a tablet displaying a science app, vector image

App accessibility checklist for low vision


Transition Talks workshop #1: Transition planning overview and series kick-off

A stick figure celebrating an event with their arms in the air, throwing confetti

Accessible events: A guide

Male teacher, vector image

Ten things I wish my TVI taught me about transition