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Digital accessibility is critical to creating a more inclusive world for everyone. It supports independence, individuality and identity. From apps and websites, to documents, books and other media, digital accessibility gives people with complex disabilities and visual impairments the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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A female wearing a headset talking at a desk using a keyboard
Tips and facts

Five tips to create a disability-inclusive workplace

An illustration of a girl looking at online icons.

Digital accessibility: what it is and why it matters

A series of wires connecting icons of an eye, a person in a wheelchair, a magnifying glass, a network of people, a megaphone, and a laptop

Digital accessibility is the future of the ADA

Perkins Access team having a meeting and looking at the new Spaulding Rehab site on a projector.

Perkins Access and Spaulding Rehab open new digital door to patients with disabilities

A woman typing on a laptop in an office

Inaccessible websites: online shopping vs. obstacle hopping

Accessibility consultant Akira Fujita brought years of experience as a trainer at Apple to the Perkins Access team.

He makes digital spaces accessible to all

Perkins’ Joann Becker told the crowd how BlindWays changed her life.

BlindWays app voted favorite new product

A man in a suit speaks into a microphone next to a bus as a man and woman stand on either side of him

Perkins launches BlindWays app

All travelers face micronavigation challenges, but for people who are blind or have low vision, they are especially frustrating. Photo Credit: Anna Miller.

Becoming an incubator for innovation

Is your site keyboard accessible? Not all users navigate digital content using a mouse. Photo Credit: Anna Miller
Tips and facts

Three tips to make your website accessible for people with disabilities

Digital accessibility should be "top of mind" for all organizations, according to Perkins Access experts.

The urgency of digital accessibility

A man uses an ipad
Tips and facts

Updated WCAG standards drive digital inclusion: What does it mean for you?