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College readiness

The majority of college students with visual impairments don’t graduate. At Perkins, we work with college aspiring students and their families and TVIs to develop the range of skills they need to succeed in college. Explore our College Readiness Resource Center.

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Woman surrounded by and linked to images of files, documents computer, setting gears, etc. symbolizing learning management system.

Using Blackboard Ally with low vision

Image of a student working on a computer displaying a geometry assignment with a triangle and angles.

Digital math: Help us build math best practices!

Frustrated girl lifting her glasses while trying to read text on a laptop.

Assistive technology for fluctuating eyesight

Two overlapping chairs representing seeing a chair with double vision.

Ten “odd” things I do with double vision

EPIQ logo

EPIQ (Experience Programming in Quorum) 2024

Digital math: computer, tablet and calculator displaying charts and graphs

Using the Desmos Calculator with Sara Larkin

2 laptops: second laptop has burglar holding a fishing pole that is hooked on personal information on the first computer.

How to recognize phishing attempts with vision impairment

Page with written lines and red squiggly underlines representing spelling and grammar errors.

How to use Text Analyzer in JAWS to proofread documents

Legs and long cane walking across a street.

Seven places I don’t take my blindness cane logo: Soccer ball with text "math Kicker" and math symbols and numbers

Create accessible digital math with

A page with a long written formula and a green pencil.

How to create an accessible formula sheet

Envelop with @ symbol representing an email.

Ten templates for emailing professors