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College readiness

The majority of college students with visual impairments don’t graduate. At Perkins, we work with college aspiring students and their families and TVIs to develop the range of skills they need to succeed in college. Explore our College Readiness Resource Center.

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College students with disabilities: guide dog, wheel chair, glasses and unknown disabilities.

Why you should get a disability services file

Collage with large print letters, book with speaker, dictation, and other accessibility features.

A to Z of assistive technology for low vision

cover of a fashion magazine.

Reading magazines with the Libby app

HP Sprout: computer configuration consisting of traditional touch screen monitor with mounted camera and horizontal projected display touch mat.

My favorite accessibility features for HP Sprout

laptop with finger pointing to the YouTube video play button.

Butterflies part 3: Note taking from videos

Creating transition goals and activities for the college-bound student.

Transition goals for a college-bound high school student with blindness or low vision

stick characters sitting facing each other with speech bubbles overhead.

How my guidance counselor helped me as a low vision student

Smiling woman sitting on a campus bench studying on her laptop.

Reading Chegg eTextbooks with low vision

evaluation checklist form

Instructor evaluations and low vision

Student fingers on the Monarch. APH's photo.

Making math more accessible: Monarch’s Word processor

simple nature picture with digital grab handles to enlarge the picture.

How to create high resolution images for users with low vision

Monarch multiline braille display

Graphing with the Monarch and Desmos