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College readiness

The majority of college students with visual impairments don’t graduate. At Perkins, we work with college aspiring students and their families and TVIs to develop the range of skills they need to succeed in college. Explore our College Readiness Resource Center.

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Vector silhouette image of two people sitting across a desk during an interview.

College interview tips for disabled students

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How to Create Accessible PowerPoints

Vector image of a police car.

Campus police and security escorts: College O&M

Vector image of a judge's hammer.

I don’t need an IEP!

Bright-eyed girl working on a laptop.

High school laptops and low vision

Cartoon woman talking

Ten lessons my TVI taught me

Computer screen with the California School for the Blind's logo (Bobcat)

Learning JAWS for Windows: SRT part 3

Smart speaker: Amazon Dot

Mainstream technology and low vision: Smart speakers

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College library and low vision

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Ten things to know about going to college with a blindness cane

School girl studying at a desk.

The best study tips for low vision students

silhouette image of film strip and pencil representing editing the video.

How to create audio description for YouTube with YouDescribe