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College readiness

The majority of college students with visual impairments don’t graduate. At Perkins, we work with college aspiring students and their families and TVIs to develop the range of skills they need to succeed in college. Explore our College Readiness Resource Center.

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Colorful periodic table

Accessible Periodic Table: McGraw-Hill

A stack of college textbooks.

How to request accessible textbooks in college

Humanware Connect 12 video magnifier displaying a graphed equation.

How the Connect 12 can help students with math

Young man with teeth clenched, eyes shut and hands on temple with zagged lines indicating a painful migraine.

Having an undiagnosed chronic illness in high school

Multiple question marks

Ten questions to ask when changing your major

Three students playing band instruments.

Blind and low vision students in marching band and music classes

Socratic app logo: a cartoon owl wearing glasses.

Socratic app accessibility review

Humanware Connect 12: video magnifier display a recipe from a magazine.

Humanware Connect 12 and low vision

Periodic table

Accessible periodic table options

Cartoon images of three people with a speech bubble of a handheld speaker.

Ways to practice self-advocacy in the virtual classroom

Bar chart with each bar a different color and a red line showing the trend.

Adapting accessible charts: Math problems and low vision

Computer displaying a girl in triplicate and a speaker icon representing double vision and a screen reader.

Using screen readers with low vision