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A female wearing a headset talking at a desk using a keyboard
Tips & facts

5 tips to create a disability-inclusive workplace

A man in a suit holding a resume and a cane shakes the hand of a woman

Developing a resume

A young man skydiving with his instructor

Taking the leap

A man wearing headphones and dark glasses types on a laptop in an office

9 ways to set up your home office when you’re blind or visually impaired

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10 ways you can support blind and visually impaired colleagues working remotely

Thomas, seated next to another Career Launch participant, visits Athena Health, a community business partner.

Career Launch puts young adults on path to self discovery and professional success

Student using refreshable braille display while instructor looks on.

ECC at Perkins: Career education readies kids for world of work

Tips & facts

11 career readiness tips for people with visual impairment