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Career readiness

Having a career can mean the world to a person with multiple disabilities and visual impairment. It’s a source of independence, personal development and connection with others. Learn how, through hands-on training, we help young adults launch their careers.

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Why does technology matter for students with disabilities?

Samuel van der Swaagh

Spotlight on Samuel van der Swaagh, Perkins Transition Program alumni

Illustration of a person with a white cane walking beneath symbols of a briefcase, headset, and cash register.

Breaking the job search cycle by prioritizing accessibility

A series of polariods depicting the Perkins Class of 1972, Marie as a student, Marie as an adult on the phone, and Marie with her guide dog.

Perkins alumna Marie Hennessy chooses to give back to her community

Randy Pierce, wearing a shirt and tie, sits on a grassy hill holding the harness of Swirl, a black Lab guide dog

A Community Conversation with Blind Entrepreneur, Adventurer and Philanthropist Randy Pierce

young man sits at table with interpreter doing tactile sign language communication

Getting to work: assessment and skill-building for careers

A man wearing headphones and dark glasses types on a laptop in an office

Assistive technology and the modern-day workplace


Building a foundation for employment: keys to a successful internship

young woman arranging items on shelf in retail home goods store

What is customized employment?

A young man wearing a suit and tie sits at a conference table during an interview

What is competitive integrated employment?

Kelsey, a young girl wearing a pink t-shirt and black apron, smiles at work at Chapters Coffee Carts. The company logo is in the upper right of the photo.

Celebrating inclusive employers: Meet Chapters Coffee Carts

Drawing of a laptop on a desk.

Technology goals required for the workplace