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Mom and daughter with her cane hugging and smiling at the top of a mountain hike

CVI parenting with self-compassion

Amanda and Rachel in Zoom screen blocks smiling at each other

Permission to talk about the hard stuff, with Amanda Griffith-Atkins

Grace wears pink head phones while holding an e-reader

In celebration of reading (and its many forms) for my child with CVI

Boy pushes against a large foam wedge in the Perkins gym

How to disagree with an IEP

Girls in ballet dresses dancing and swirling around the house

Party time! Helping kids with CVI make the most of celebrations

Women sitting at a table having a meeting

Communicating Effectively with Your Child’s Team: Strategies for Success

A child reaching out to touch the pages of an open book held by an adult

Promoting early literacy for young child with deafblindness

A young boy playing with letters on a washing machine

Everyday literacy tips from CVI parents

Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash

Understanding your child’s audiogram

Paint with paintbrushes on a white canvas.

Kid’s summer camp resources

Boy with CVI with noise canceling ear phones watching his favorite video on the iPad

Parents share how their children with CVI show visual fatigue

Girl with CVI sitting on mats during a PT session, holding her AAC device

Two examples of how learners with CVI use AAC