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A young person reading braille at a classroom desk. Braille can be a powerful path to literacy for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Four reasons why braille still matters in the age of Alexa and iPhone

The seal of Mexico

Perkins talks with the Mexican Consul

Josias interacts with is teacher through adapted books

Communicating with Josias

Professional headshot of blogger Veronica Lewis

Accessibility, advocacy and allies in the workplace: A community conversation with Veronica Lewis

Boy reaching for assistive device

Why assistive devices are crucial to Perkins students

Shelby reads a book while siting in a chair built in the Assistive Device Center

From home workshops, volunteers create adaptive tools to keep students learning

A headshot of Sara Espanet

Keeping touch while apart

Young adults with visual impairment visited Google's Cambridge office through Perkins' Pre-Employment Program.

5 innovations in accessibility and assistive technology

Perkins Access team having a meeting and looking at the new Spaulding Rehab site on a projector.

Perkins Access and Spaulding Rehab open new digital door to patients with disabilities

A young girl in the Deafblind Program works on an interactive screen.

All about the tech

Two students in Nepal practice their writing skills using a Perkins Brailler.

From Indiana to Nepal: the incredible journey of a Perkins Brailler

A white, bumpy sphere in the palm of a hand

Accessibility and learning in three dimensions