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A female wearing a headset talking at a desk using a keyboard
Tips & Facts

5 tips to create a disability-inclusive workplace

An illustration of a girl looking at online icons.

Digital accessibility makes the world a better place

Standing, Kimi arranges purple and cream-colored flowers in a flower pot.

Recognizing the true diversity of Perkins’ students

Disability Inclusion Matters

Doubting Helen Keller: Where we go from here

Henry's CVI was missed by doctors and educators until he was 5 years old.

CVI: The most common cause of blindness in children

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Tips & Facts

Updated WCAG standards drive digital inclusion: What does it mean for you?

#ADA30 "Digital accessibility is embedded into our process. It's now a part of our definition of done." - Aaron Vanderpooel, Princippal Software Engineer, Building Engines.

Digital accessibility is the future of the ADA

George H.W. Bush at Perkins in 1994.

Celebrating Perkins: Setting the course for what would become the Americans With Disabilities Act

Kim Charlson and Senator Tom Harkin together in 2019

Perkins talks progress with two long-time disability advocates

#ADA30 Are we there yet?

Are we there yet? The ADA 30 years later

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10 ways you can support blind and visually impaired colleagues working remotely

A student attends virtual class using an iPad.

In remote learning, a challenge and an opportunity